Универсальный туроператор по Китаю с 1992 года

Travel directions

Major Tours and Travel Directions

The Express Line is the Operator of the following tour lines:
Russian Expression:
·       Black Sea Coast: Sochi, Tuapse, Gelendjik, Anapa;
·       Moscow Region;
·       Excursions to St. Petersburg and round the Golden Ring;
·       River Cruises departing from Moscow and St. Petersburg;
·       Seliger;
·       Hotel booking in Moscow.

Eastern Express:
·       China and Hong Kong Excursion Routes; Hainang Isle Vacations; Combined Tours; Tours to Exhibitions and Fairs, Business Trips and Shopping Tours.
·       South Eastern Asia: Combined Tours to Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Indo-China and Sri Lanka.

European Express: 
·       Bus Tours to Europe - 11 routes through the following countries: France, Poland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland and Germany.
·       Bus Tours to Great Britain, Educational Tours.
·       Air Tours to Europe: Paris, Amsterdam, Amsterdam-Brussels, Amsterdam-Brussels-Paris.

Traditional Sea Holidays:
·       Greece: Crete, Halkidiki
·       Turkey: Antalia, Kushadasi and Marmaris.
·       Tunisia: Suss, Khammamet, Tunis, Monastir and Djerba Isle.
·       Spain: the entire coastal resorts and the Baleares (Ibiza).
·       Cyprus: Pathos, Limassol, Larnaca, Aya Napa.
·       Egypt: Hurgada, Sharm-el-Sheikh, Cruises down the Nile.
·       Lebanon: (New!).

Sales of railway tickets and airway tickets to any destination of the World 
Reception of foreign guests in Moscow and St. Petersburg 
Customer Service for Corporate Clients and Business Trips.

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